Overcoming Stage Fright

A 3-hour, one-day live workshop to help you conquer your fear and find ease and joy in performance.


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a message from your instructor and guide, Amy Biondo.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

11am - 2pm PDT | 2pm-5pm EDT

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Is stage fright preventing you from performing with ease, freedom, and joy? Are you sick and tired of your inner critic judging everything you do and running the show? Do you get so scared when you perform in front of others that sometimes you think it would be easier to just give the whole thing up?

Don’t give up! Stage fright is a natural response of the body and mind to a stressful situation. Most performers, even high level professionals, have experienced stage fright at some point in their lives, and the fact that you experience stage fright does not mean there is something wrong with you. The good news is that there are lots of things you can do to mitigate the effects of stage fright or even stop it from happening in the first place! 

In this 3-hour workshop you will learn about the physiological and psychological symptoms of stage fright, practice techniques for calming the body and mind, and learn easy things you can add to your pre-performance routine to prevent stage fright from happening. At the end of this workshop, each participant will have the opportunity to perform a song for the group (optional but strongly encouraged). You’ll walk away armed with knowledge, easy and effective tools, and the confidence that stage fright doesn’t need to stand in your way of giving your best performance!

Overcoming Stage Fright

A 3-hour, one-day, LIVE workshop
$ 139
  • Amy Biondo is a vocalist, composer, music educator, and mindset coach
  • Your goals will be the topic of engagement as this workshop is live and interactive
  • You'll walk away armed with knowledge, tools, and confidence.

Session breakdown:

One three-hour live and interactive Zoom workshop guided by an expert instructor in a small cohort with no more than 12 students

A greater understanding of your own personal stage fright cycle 

Tips for working with the inner critic and shifting your mindset  so that you can be your own biggest fan rather than your own worst enemy

The opportunity to perform a song for the group and to be witnessed by a supportive and loving community

Information about the nervous system’s fight/flight/freeze response and how this relates to stage fright

Easy and effective exercises that regulate the nervous system to eliminate or lessen the effects of stage fright 

Guidance in creating your own personalized pre-performance routine that will make it less likely for stage fright to occur 

Access to the video recording of the workshop to return to for reference and motivation in the coming months.


Definitely not! Stage fright occurs when the body and mind get triggered into a fight/flight/freeze response. The nervous system becomes dysregulated. We feel uncomfortable feelings in our bodies, and our minds begin racing in an attempt to “help” when they are actually making things worse. When we understand what our personal symptoms of stage fright are, we can catch it more quickly and use practices based in breathing, movement, meditation, and self-talk that help the nervous system regulate and the symptoms of stage fright abate. What’s more, there are easy things you can start doing before your performances that will make it less likely for stage fright to occur in the first place.

Most of us relate with stage fright by white-knuckling it and just trying to survive the experience. And we tend to use the same coping strategies over and over, many of which simply don’t work. But when you have specific practices you can do that have been proven to regulate the nervous system, then the mind and body can feel safe again and the fight/flight/freeze response can dissipate. The more we practice these, the more quickly our nervous systems will return to normal so that they stop interfering with our performances. They are easy to do and they really do work!

What we’ve found here at golden lotus studio is that there’s just no substitute for being in a class along with other students and an instructor that supports you. By joining us, you’ve subjected yourself to a level of accountability that’s simply not present when you casually surf YouTube. You’re going to engage with the material in a different way, you’re going to show up in a different way, and you will be supported in a different way with the presence of classmates and an instructor.

Meet Your Instructor:

hi, i’m amy biondo

Amy Biondo is a vocalist, composer, dancer, and music educator in Lafayette, CO. After struggling for years from debilitating stage fright, Amy decided to face her fears head-on. She spent years studying the physiological process of stage fright, understanding shame and how it manifests in the creative process, and learning and practicing tools for mental and emotional self-regulation, in order to finally experience ease, freedom, and joy in her performances. Amy holds an M.A. in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University, and has had over 30 years of music training and performance experience. Her unique approach to training the voice, using contemplative practices and improvisation to unleash the full power of the body and emotions of the student and integrate them into the voice, has made her a go-to vocal coach for those seeking a more holistic approach to vocal training. Specializing in Latin, jazz, pop, French, Brazilian, and more, Amy has performed in venues across the United States and is featured on Los Bohemios’ self-titled album and on countless albums as a backing vocalist. She also writes custom love songs for special events!

golden lotus studio reserves the right to cancel this class if enrollment does not meet the minimum requirement.

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