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golden lotus studio

friday afternoon songwriting club

"FASC" is a weekly songwriting club designed to engage and expand your musical potential every Friday at 4pm EST

breaking good: extended guitar techniques

a one-day workshop for guitar players and anyone else interested in exploring extended techniques led by Janet Feder

compose yourself

An 8-week intensive course for songwriters ready to take their craft to the next level

record yourself

This 4-week course will introduce you to GarageBand basics, help you with your gear, and assist you in multitrack recording!

drum tracks (for non-drummers)

Do you have a song that’s begging for some percussion or drums? Would you like to learn how to make your OWN rhythmic accompaniment track? Join this 4-week workshop!

Listen Up!

A series of 3-week workshops all centered around increasing your musicianship through analytical listening! Intervals, harmony, polyrhythms, effects ID, chord progressions, and more!

6 month DIY album mastermind

This is an invite only group. Within this 6 month commitment, each member will produce their own individual album in collaboration with the other members of the mastermind.

theory toolkit

Have fun digging into music theory to strengthen your musical foundation in this 8-week course

private coaching and lessons

If group learning is not for you, or if you're wanting some
individual attention, please reach out for private coaching