An 8-week intensive course for songwriters ready to take 

their craft to the next level.

Are you struggling to access your own musical creativity on a consistent basis despite knowing the great power music has in your life?

Do you KNOW that you have songs inside you, yet the weeks go by and you never
seem to finish that album you want to write?

Do you feel down when you see others performing their own songs, knowing that you are capable but just can’t seem to connect the dots from here to there?

Have you ever felt like you just needed to “learn more theory” in order to write a good song?

Have you ever thought to yourself “I didn’t go to music school…I’m not a real musician”?
I’m here to show you that it doesn’t have to be this hard. 
You can make the music you’ve always imagined.

now, for the first time, meet

Janet Feder

as seen on NPR, Guitar Player Magazine, and CMW

Widely known for pioneering composition for prepared guitar, Janet Feder has been featured on numerous recordings, radio programs, and film scores including the internationally acclaimed solo album Songs With Words and compilations The $100 Guitar Project (Bridge, 2013), I Never Meta Guitar (Clean Feed, 2010) and 156 Strings (Cuneiform, 2002).  2015 greeted her newest solo album T H I S C L O S E. Plus, she’s played NPR’s Tiny Desk.

what other's have said about Janet...

Janet's music

“With sonic innovation and traditional melody as twin cornerstones of her artistry, Feder’s T H I S C L O S E is an intimate treat for fans of truly alternative guitar.”
– Bryan Beller, Guitar Player Magazine

Let me share with you five myths about songwriting
that often hold back talented musicians:

The "Gifted" Songwriter

People think that only certain songwriters have a kind of magic that they were born with–a magic that makes their extraordinary songs possible. They do. But the truth is that you have the same kind of magic within you. You have only to learn the tools to access it on a consistent basis for it to be available to you at any time.

"I'm Too Busy to Write Songs"

I guarantee you that your favorite composers and songwriters are juggling a challenging schedule with non-stop demands on their time, yet they have found a way to make time to be creative. I’ll show you how easy it is to fit songwriting effortlessly into the rest of your life.. 

"My Ideas are Stupid"

Ideas are ideas. When you learn to access your creativity on a regular basis, you realize that ideas can grow like weeds, with very little will or effort. Your only job is to place the right ideas in the right spots. Everyone has some bad ideas. If you’re not having some bad ideas, you’re probably not thinking outside the box enough.

"It's All Been Written Before"

I understand why you might think this in a cynical way, but no statement could be less true. Once you start writing from a more microscopically authentic place of feeling and storytelling, you will realize that absolutely no one that lives or has ever lived could write the songs that you are writing.

"I am Unworthy"

Oh, this is a big one and it can affect musicians of all levels on an epidemic basis. We are so accustomed to comparing ourselves to other, more successful or more skilled or more Gaga-like musicians. Learning to break out of this pattern and clarify the reason that we are on this musical path is of the utmost importance. And it imbues our every step on the path with purpose.

meet Janet, your guide

This LIVE 8-week workshop is designed for songwriters who are looking for some structure, accountability, individual attention, and a small group of like-minded musical peers to work alongside. In each of the 8 classes, experienced and renowned songwriter and composer Janet Feder will guide you through writing your own original music from scratch and help you further develop those first drafts into final drafts. With a focus on lyrical and melodic exploration, Janet’s techniques in the Compose Yourself Workshop are tailored to build off of one another as the weeks progress and as you compile a new collection of your own songs. You’ll have the opportunity to find focus, work diligently, collaborate with your peers, and receive individual feedback on your creations from your instructor. 
While our Friday Afternoon Song Club offers great practices for those first drafts, Compose Yourself harbors an environment for extended creation with a growth mindset, using each week’s progress as a springboard into the next. In addition to working on brand new pieces each week, you’ll also work on pieces over the course of several weeks, some of which you will be passing along to other classmates for some long-distance collaboration! If you’re wanting to take your songwriting more seriously, Compose Yourself Workshop is a great first step. We’re cultivating loads of inspiration and motivation and can’t wait to send it your way!

here's what you get

✓ 8 live zoom calls with your teacher and your cohort that are recorded so you can go back and watch them again, if desired – Tuesdays, 8:30-9:45 PM EST | August 11th – September 29th

The support and feedback of a like-minded group of individuals who are on the path with you and who have many of the same challenges and victories that you do

✓ Instruction, guidance and exercises that, if you do them all, will coach you through the writing of at least 10 new songs that are uniquely yours

Individual attention and support from Janet

✓ Membership in The Friday Afternoon Song Club is included through September 29th, 2020 (end of the workshop) – Some of your songwriting will happen here, through guided prompts, led by Gary Grundei

Teaching in the contemplative tradition that honors a wholistic approach to art


✓ A joyful, unique approach that invites collaboration, builds trust quickly and gives you a feeling of belonging and support that is quite unique in the online universe

Loads of tips, tricks, and techniques that you can use again and again for the rest of your songwriting career

Comparing Compose Yourself to other offerings:


$50 – $200

1-6 hrs of video lectures

Pre-recorded classes

No one pays attention to you and there’s no incentive to watch the videos or do the assignments

No individualized instruction



12-week course

Prohibitively expensive

Some attention from an instructor but in a very large impersonal institution

You’re a small fish in a big ocean


That's only $9.41 a day - for less than the price of a sandwich, you can have your songwriting dreams come true. (How does that sound?)


$800 – $1000

for 2 months, open ended


The instructor might be 16 years old (I used to do this job when I was 16)

No community, no goals, no proven curriculum


only $527

10 songs in 8 weeks!

✓ Includes all the benefits of the others, plus:

✓ Affordable

✓​ A proven curriculum and structure

✓ Unparalleled individual support on your journey by the instructor and a close-knit community

✓ Work and attend class from the comfort of your home!

frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

what should i expect out of this course?

Each 90-minute songwriting class is LIVE and led by Janet every Saturday for 8 weeks. Classwork will involve participating in writing exercises (both lyrical and melodic), sharing new creations, talking about your ideas and experiences, giving feedback to one another, and sharing your tastes and personality in class alongside your peers. Class homework will involve between 2 and 3 hours of work outside of class each week working on songs, posting those songs on the private and exclusive Compose Yourself forum, and giving warm feedback to your peers’ posts on the forum. Some of these in-class assignments and homework assignments will involve teaming up with your classmates, allowing you the chance to be inspired by one another’s musical ideas, and strengthening your collaboration skills. At the end of the course, each workshop member will select and work on a final song to be featured on our class album!

do i qualify for this?

Yes! Any and all songwriting skill levels are welcome. All that is required is a thirst to work on your songs and a willingness to be led! If you’re not comfortable on an instrument, your voice is enough, even if you don’t consider yourself to be a great singer. Your experience listening to and appreciating music will serve you as you enter into this process of finding your own songwriting voice. I wouldn’t say this with such confidence if I hadn’t seen so many people with so little experience make the most extraordinary, moving songs. Just make sure to bring your voice, something to write with, and a voice recorder (like a smart phone) to class!

how is this different from saturday afternoon song club ?

While FASC is our most popular and most affordable offering at Golden Lotus Studio, Compose Yourself offers a niche experience for individuals who want to take their songwriting more seriously, or who already do! The classes are more structured and involve multiple exercises for multiple creations. Sometimes they’re fast-paced and sometimes they allow even more time than their FASC counterparts. One of the key differences, and arguably one of the more joyful differences, is that due to the limited number of seats in each workshop, we’ll be able to get to know each other every week live on the Zoom call and on our own private forum page. There’s less anonymity and more intimacy which inevitably leads to richer community and more growth. 

this sounds a bit intimidating

Don’t worry! The good news is that you’re not alone; other classmates will be participating alongside you and getting out of their comfort zones too. I promise that by the end of the 8 weeks, you will be SHOCKED by how comfortable you feel with the others in the class and how any initial feelings of intimidation have reduced if not faded completely.

what if i can't make all of the classes?

If you’re just going to miss a couple of the times, no problem. All of the classes are recorded so you can just watch the recording and be caught up quickly. If the regular schedule of the class (Tuesdays at 8:30pm EST) doesn’t work for you, send Gary with golden lotus studio an email at and tell him what your ideal class time would be. golden lotus will be running another section of the course very soon and would love to put you on a waiting list to be the first to know when it’s available.

Hurry! Registration is only open to 12 slots (when they're gone, they're gone) and closes at 11:59PM on Friday August 7th!

join the community now and register for Compose Yourself:
Tuesdays, 8:30-9:45PM EST - August 11 to September 29, 2020

* These are unprecedented times that we are living in (due to COVID-19) and it’s bound to create chaos in a number of ways for many people. If you’re experiencing financial hardship at this time and this is the primary reason you might not be able to participate, please write to himself [at] with a pay-what-you-can proposal which we will gladly consider. We want to bring creative opportunities to as many individuals as we can, especially during these turbulent times, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.