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Published February  08, 2022

You wouldn’t be here if it didn’t. 

Maybe it saved your life.

A few times.

Maybe just earlier this week you accidentally caught the season 3 finale of Stranger Things again and that Peter Gabriel orchestral cover of David Bowie came over the montage and you completely lost it, purging a year’s worth of feelings you didn’t even know you had.

I mean, hypothetically, asking for a friend, I’m not ugly crying, you are.

So if you care about music, if you really understand it’s impact on your soul and the species, what do you do about it?

In my coaching, one of the most common blocks I see is folks stopping themselves from pursuing their musical passion because they fear that they are not as good as so-and-so.

Very often this fear stops them on any given day or year from even playing music or practicing it or writing the next song.

What if you flipped this idea on its ear?

What if you spent 15 minutes on your own musical expression each day this week not because you’re trying to get good at it, and certainly not as good as someone else. (though, if you put in the time, you will unquestioningly get better!)

What if you spent some time with the music because you care about it? 

Because you want to give something back to this divinely given gift as a simple act of gratitude to the music itself.

Because every moment you spend in music transforms your heart and your curious, expansive, artist-warrior soul into something more engaged and more alive?

Because singing or playing your instrument or working on your production brings you a kind of joy and satisfaction that nothing else can.

Because you want to prove to yourself that fear, especially fear of not being good enough, will not stop you from being who you are.

Because you enjoy it.

This is your why. 

Turn away from the competition shows and the Instagram comparison game.

And turn towards your own practice. This is what is meant by craft.

We can be heroes. Just for one day,
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