theoretically, you rock

Published October 04, 2021

I know that you’re here for it. I know that on a fundamental level you get the importance, to your soul and the souls of others, of rooting your creative practice in your spiritual practice. Or at least you have a sense of how the two are connected.

AND I know that you understand how persistent the inner critical voice can be at thwarting our best creative efforts.

And yet, if you’re like me, you still have discrimination. 

You find one artist to be more [talented, poetic, innovative, etc] than another. You hear things in other people’s music that you envy. You watch David Bennett or another YouTuber talk about musical concepts or practices and you’re not sure you completely get it. Or you feel that somehow those “trained experts” live on the other side of some invisible dividing line that prevents you from having access to those tools or that way of making music.

First, let me assure you (from one who might be considered on the “expert” side of the imaginary line) that the line appears imaginary because there is no dividing line. I probably won’t convince you wholeheartedly in one paragraph, but I challenge you to accept the possibility that I might not be bullshitting you. Everyone has strengths and challenges and the folks who have put in more time practicing a particular area do tend to get better at it. But everyone is learning from other musicians in their own way and that makes for some really beautifully diverse folks.

Second, notice your yearning. Check out how you really want to learn to write chord changes like Kurt Cobain, or to sing in the pocket like Lizzo, or to mash the vocal harmonies like Tune-Yards. Or whatever it is you’re into. You really want it. There’s magic there. And there’s no reason you couldn’t fulfill those desires.

So my question to you is, are you willing to cross the threshold? At the very moment that you want to grow musically, to expand your skill set into the deliciousness you can hear, will you take that step?

It’s not hard, I promise.

We live in an information age, where any musical concept you have heard has been explained in great detail on a blog or in a video. And, really whatever tools and understanding you have right now, where you stand, is enough to take you to the next step in understanding. I consistently see that again and again with our students and clients.

Your curiosity is your navigation system. Your passion is the gas in your engine. And the road you’re on is driving you and your art-making straight to the heart of humanity.

That’s more than a theory,
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