future projecting

Published November 02, 2021

Want a fresh perspective in your creative practice today?

Yeah, me too!

Listen, I know that there are as many different ways to write music as there are musicians, so it might very well be that what I’m about to suggest is exactly how you already work. If so, please forgive me.

Do this.

This kind of writing can be like reverse engineering something you want to understand and manifest. And it can really work.

Keep going until you finish, returning to the image of the concert every time you get stuck – returning to the visceral feelings in the room, those of the performers, those of the audience. Think of what kind of musical gestures made the concert so memorable. Think of how the songs allowed the connection between audience and performer, between audience and audience to expand.

It’s worth an hour of your time to find out, right?

How about today?

You make some of my favorite musical gestures,
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Gary Grundei, founder | composer

Gary Grundei, founder | composer

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