golden lotus studio

an online home  for songwriters
Welcome to golden lotus studio. If you’ve found your way here, then you probably love music – it is the air you breathe. You want to create the songs that you were uniquely destined to create. And you recognize the need for safe space, community and guidance on the journey. You’re in the right place. We’ve been waiting for you.

what makes us uniquely us

There is an intersection between creativity and enlightenment. You’ve found your way to just those crossroads at golden lotus studio. We believe awakened warrior-artists to be modern day prophets; there is no contradiction between radical self-care and honest songwriting.

golden lotus studio was established as an online community in 2018 by Gary Grundei to fill a need for composers and songwriters of all walks of life to have a space to support each other in their endeavors. There’s a magic that can happen when you put creativity, growth, authenticity, generosity, and community all together in one virtual environment.

We stand in a lineage of contemplative education and deep presence in art-making.

what people say

I took Gary’s online workshop this winter and it was one of the most profoundly creatively satisfying experiences I’ve had. He fosters a very positive and supportive atmosphere.​
Mark C.
This is a unique and amazing workshop led by a super talented and amazing composer and teacher! It's an inspiring experience in creating music that will surprise you with the gift of writing the songs that were begging to be written! And it's fun! Don't miss out!
Sherrie S.
I'm so grateful to have participated in Compose Yourself. After over a decade of musician's block, it's such a relief to be writing again. I've finally broken back in!
Elizabeth M.