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Step 1: Mark Your Calendar

Make sure to block off time to join all our live calls on Zoom throughout the songwriting challenge! April 5th – 9th at 4pm. That’s 5 days back to back at 4pm!

Use the calendar links below for convenience!



Step 2: Invite Your Friends!

This 5-day songwriting challenge is FREE! One way you can give back is to help spread the word. golden lotus studio thrives on word-of-mouth marketing!

You could send an individual text/email: “Hey, Darren, I just signed up for this songwriting challenge. It’s free and I dare you to join me. Info here: https://goldenlotusstudio.com/5-day-songwriting-challenge/ ” 

You could post on social media about what you’re up to! Bonus visibility as a songwriter and engagement with your audience when you share: “I love to up my game by doing songwriting challenges like this one from time to time. The folks at golden lotus studio really do a great job of mixing up the prompts and helping people break out of old patterns. It’s free – join me if you dare – https://goldenlotusstudio.com/5-day-songwriting-challenge/

Or feel free to use this email form here:

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Step 3: Say Hello 👋

Come say hello in the forum by posting one song (with a link) that you listen to time and again for musical inspiration.

Step 4: Get Psyched

Check out this original series of songwriting mindset videos on our YouTube channel to get hype for this challenge!

Step 5: Join us NOW!

If you’re ready to start even sooner, join the Friday Afternoon Songwriting Club! We’ve been meeting every Friday at 4PM EST for the past 3 years!

Step 6: Hang with me one-on-one!