surprise wisdom

Published May 28, 2020

In one of the recent sessions of Friday Afternoon Song Club, I asked folks to grab their pens and write a response to the following question without stopping to think:

“Why did you show up here at FASC today?”

And then I asked them to go again and put down a new answer without thinking. And to go again and again and again.

When the pen starts moving, it can sometimes get out ahead of our thoughts.

Sometimes truths can come forth that we didn’t even know we knew.
Surprise wisdom

Sometimes, we surprise ourselves. And if you’re in the Song Club, you know that I do most of the exercises along with the participants, and one of my own answers to the question surprised the heck out of me. I didn’t even like it, and at the same time – I loved it. My pen wrote: Songs are my gurus.


And something in my belly said “yes.”

Songs have saved my life at several different times. Some songs are trusted friends. Some songs are rage and fire and fury that let the blood come out so there can be even a possibility of healing. And lots of songs are nurturing and teaching and love.

To be clear, I’m not asking you to make songs your gurus. Or to even think that such a statement as “songs are my gurus” even makes sense or is some bandwagon you need to get on.

My point in sharing the story is to invite you to join me in marveling at the fact that we can, as a species, sometimes, in fact, surprise ourselves.

And I’ll talk about polyrhythms in pop music more in an upcoming post, but for now, I invite you to listen to some of your favorite recorded tracks with an ear toward those first few seconds.

What draws you in?

In your current Top 10 song list are there some exceptions to the rule?

I’m the small town, one in 7 billion,

Gary Grundei


“What draws you in?” [share this quote online]



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