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Published November 01, 2021

What did you discover about song titles?

The meta-observation I want to make is that you already know how to make song titles that are interesting to you because you’ve been listening to music all your life and noticing the titles and you’re a curious sort of creator who has found their way to this newsletter. Duh. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here are my observations…

What hooks you?

Some proper balance of the expected and the unexpected.

Some puzzle to be solved.

Some multiple meanings I never contemplated before.

Some way it doesn’t even seem like a song title.

Is the title the same as the hook lyric of the song? Sometimes. Sometimes not. Check out the freedom in this situation!

If you played the game in the last entry, you have some observations about your own taste in titles.

Does the song title need to come first? Heck no. But if it inspires you to play this way as it often does me, you can start with the title. If the song lifts up a better title as you’re writing it, well then, you’re still winning, right?

Why these? I can’t explain or defend my choices except to say that they draw me in, they make me want to hear the song, they make me want to listen again, they enrich my experience of the music itself.

I’m discussing these things with you today not because I want you to get all in your head with something like, “great, Gary, now there’s one more thing I have to learn to get good at.” My hope is that you’re getting the permission I‘m giving you, that I don’t even need to give you.

I mean, I guarantee that you can do better than this website.

Follow your own title bliss.

Flip your mind over and write the craziest titles that just might draw in your listener.

Someone just like you.

Do it for the kids,
for golden lotus studio



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