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with Carla Duren

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Free Yoga + Songwriting Workshop: Sunday, January 23rd, 2022

12PM - 2PM EST

Can't wait to start creating with you...

Welcome to meditative songwriting.

Sacred Space with Carla Duren + golden lotus studio is a gift to your creative soul. It’s a short yoga session, followed by open creative space for you to make your next best song.

Who’s it for?

This free live Zoom workshop is for anyone interested in the intersection of spiritual physical practice and soulful creativity. All levels of experience (including none) with yoga are welcome, and all levels of experience with songwriting (including none) are welcome.

How will it work?

At about 11:45AM EST (8:45AM PST) on Sunday, January 23, 2022, 

we’ll open up the Zoom call for fellowship and get set up.

At 12PM EST,

Carla will lead a session of sacred yoga for all levels that is specifically designed to get you into your body and to raise your vibration so that you can enter into your own creative practice alive and tuned in!

At about 12:30PM EST, 

we will keep our Zoom call open and muted, and we will transition into sacred songwriting space for about 75 minutes. During this time, you’ll have 2 options: 


A) if you prefer a guided songwriting experience, you will be able to play the recorded songwriting prompts from a recent Friday Afternoon Songwriting Club class and be coached through some writing exercises that will have you sketching out a draft of a song very quickly. 

or B) you can take the 75 minutes to listen deeply internally to the sacred inspiration that is coming through you and to follow that inspiration where it leads you, led only by your own intuition.

And finally,

we’ll take a few minutes to check-in together and there will be the option for a couple of folks to share their experience or what they created during the workshop. We’ll close out the circle by 2p ET, at which point you will hopefully feel inspired and refreshed, ready to greet the rest of your day and week.

Meet Your Instructors:

Carla Duren

Gary Grundei

We’re so excited to join you in this new experiment in body-centered creativity!