A 3-hour, one-day live workshop to establish your goals in releasing your music.

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→ A $119 course valued at $250! Grab this deal ASAP and release your music to the world.

Workshop date: Saturday, April 24

12pm-3pm PST / 3pm-6pm EST


Whether you’ve never released your own music before, or you want to make a bigger splash this time, this one-day workshop will provide you with clarity, inspiration and excitement to get rolling on your next release.

As a songwriter or musician, the creative parts of music-making probably come easy to you. Promotion, content-creation and figuring out all the ins and outs of releasing your music can be another story! This workshop will guide you through the process in a way that focuses on the creative elements so that you can personalize your release plan, and have fun doing it. 

When is the best time to start planning for your release? The truth is, it’s never too early. Even if you haven’t started recording that album or single yet, the information you will learn in this workshop will be helpful to you as you start this journey. If you’ve got your music all mixed, mastered and ready to share with the world, it’s also a perfect time to create your release plan and calendar. 

Many artists put so much time into the writing and recording process, but rush things when it comes to the release. With a little planning ahead, you can release your music to a bigger audience and get that impact and satisfaction you desire. Your music deserves to be heard – so don’t release without a strategy!

This workshop will cover:

A step-by-step process to plan your release calendar in advance and get the most out of your next release
How to choose the best digital distribution platform to get your music to Spotify, Apple Music, and everything in between
Social media strategy to create engagement and buzz for your release without becoming a slave to your phone
Exercises to help you create a compelling story for your next release that ties in with your identity as an artist
Tips for DIY music videos and other unique content creation
Examples from successful indie artists to inspire you 
An introduction to advertising strategy and marketing your music
Individual and group coaching opportunities to help you brainstorm strategies and content that works for YOU and your music 
Access to the video recording of the workshop to return to for reference and motivation in the coming months.

Releasing Music Your Way

A 3-hour, one-day, LIVE workshop
$ 119
  • Siena Friend is a professional musician as well as a health and wellness coach
  • Your goals will be the topic of engagement as this workshop is live and interactive
  • 2021 is your year. Join this cohort and embrace the accountability.


Meet Your Instructor:

hi, i’m siena friend

Siena Friend is a singer-songwriter, filmmaker, photographer, writer, and ayurvedic health coach, depending on the day. A self-taught guitarist and songwriter, music has been the main throughline of her life, following her from her home state of Colorado to Los Angeles, where she recorded and released her latest solo EP in 2019. From participating in the first Compose Yourself class at the beginning of golden lotus studio, Siena has been an active part of the gls community for the past two years. She hosts the gls Songwriters’ Open Mic Night, and is a guest teacher of the Friday Afternoon Songwriting Club. Siena works as a health and creativity coach, and brings this holistic perspective to her offerings. Her next album, recorded at her home during the past year in quarantine, will be out in early 2021!



golden lotus studio reserves the right to cancel this class if enrollment does not meet the minimum requirement.

*If are experiencing financial hardship, but are craving the songmaking offerings described here, please reach out and let me know because a modest amount of scholarship funds are available for folks in such circumstances. Please send an email to himself [at] garygrundei.com describing your situation.