Record Yourself is an intro to self-producing a GarageBand skillbuilder DIY music-making

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Record Yourself workshop dates: January 18, 25, & February 1, 8

8:30 PM EST || Tuesday evenings on zoom for four weeks.


This course will help “demystify” the recording process. We will provide you with gear recommendations for any budget (microphones, audio interfaces, headphones, etc.) and detailed instructions on how to set things up.

You’ll leave with multi-track recording abilities (for vocals and instruments), a greater understanding of the recording process, a general understanding of MIDI and MIDI instrumentation, and enough familiarity with GarageBand that you’ll look forward to opening it whenever you’re ready to make music.

In addition to 4 live classes, Record Yourself features 6 pre-recorded video lessons that you’ll watch for homework throughout the course. You’ll need to allot 2 hours each week for watching video lessons and completing your assignments. 

Improve Your Workflow:

“Record Yourself is an amazing class for the beginner or the advanced GarageBand user. Donovan starts with the most essential step – getting a great sound from your mic and then we are off and recording. I have worked with Garage Band for many years, but I’m self taught and only had the tools I “needed”. This class improved my workflow, and opened up so many more options to me. Now I work with more efficiency as I record and manipulate multiple tracks. Donovan is an enthusiastic and supportive teacher. I highly recommend this class.” 

– Liz S.

Feel Comfortable in GarageBand:

I came into the course thinking I would learn how to use GarageBand. I left not only feeling comfortable in GarageBand, but more importantly, with the strong desire to keep creating, keep recording, keep experimenting, and knowing that I have the Golden Lotus community cheering me on. Couldn’t ask for a more fun and relaxed community mid-week reminder to keep making music!” 

– Marissa B.

What you get in just four weeks:

Four live and interactive 90-minute zoom calls guided by an instructor in a small cohort with no more than 4-10 students

direct, individual guidance and assistance from your instructor throughout the week outside of class

6 on-demand videos to help you get your rig set up and get you comfortable with your DAW

a private, exclusive online forum where you and your cohort can interact, ask questions, and receive direct support

handouts and assignments to keep you on track

the ability to record yourself and feel comfortable using GarageBand

See the value:


instructions, skills, resources in 4 weeks
$ 220 4 weeks
  • 4 classes at 90 min. each guided by an instructor in a small cohort
  • Affordable
  • A proven curriculum and structure
  • Unparalleled individual support on your journey by the instructor and a close-knit community
  • Work and attend class from the comfort of your home!


– Hey, we’re all in this together! You can safely bet that there will be others in the same boat as you. There are zero expectations or prerequisites coming into this workshop. We are here to meet you where you’re at and help you grow and feel more comfortable.

– Technically, there are ways to install and run GarageBand on Windows. Because Apple makes GarageBand and does not officially support a version of GarageBand for Window, there’s not one official way to make this happen. Some brief research online will show you how a number of others have managed to make it work, but we will not be covering how to do this. GarageBand is free for Mac computers, so if you have a Mac, it’s as easy as opening up your app store and downloading (if GarageBand is not already installed on your computer). If you have Windows (or a PC running another operating system) and are successfully running the latest version of GarageBand, then great! Join us! The lessons we offer cover working within GarageBand so nothing should be different for you.

– Great question! Upon signing up, you’ll receive a welcome email that contains your very first assignment: making sure you’ve got the gear that best suits you! We simplify it so you don’t have to spend time researching, but keep in mind that if you don’t currently own recording gear you WILL be spending a bit of money on gear.  This will make sure you’re set up and ready to go by the time we start the course. If you have questions about budget, email himself [at] and we’ll answer your questions.

– What we’ve found here at golden lotus studio is that there’s just no substitute for being in a class along with other students and an instructor that supports you. By joining us, you’ve subjected yourself to a level of accountability that’s simply not present when you casually surf YouTube. You’re going to engage with the material in a different way, you’re going to show up in a different way, and you will be supported in a different way with the presence of classmates and an instructor.

Meet Your Instructor:

Donovan Dorrance

Donovan Dorrance hails from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where he trained as a multi-instrumentalist before moving to Brooklyn to work for his sister’s dance company, Dorrance Dance, and pursue his passion for music.  As music director, Dorrance has had the opportunity to compose original music and tour internationally with the company for the last seven years. Outside of dance, Dorrance composes for film, theatre, podcasts, commercials, and weird passion projects. He’s been with golden lotus studio since the beginning of 2020 and feels very privileged to get to share music with others during such a turbulent time.

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