A 3-hour, one-day live workshop to check in with your projects and goals and assess your next steps.

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PYMCY workshop date: Sunday, Dec. 20

11am-2pm PST / 1pm-4pm CST / 2pm-5pm EST

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What are your musical aspirations for 2021? What if you could start the new year feeling connected to your purpose, clear about your next steps, and ready to take action with a specific game plan and the support of a your community?

In this three-hour workshop you will be guided through meditation, conversation and writing exercises to check in with your projects and goals and assess your next steps. The truth is, you have everything you need to move forward and create your musical vision! This workshop will provide the container and inspiration for you to get clear on that vision and on the actions you’ll want to take to realize those dreams.

The weeks around the winter solstice and the end of the year hold significance in many cultures. It is a powerful time to turn our attention inward, reflect on the past year, and set intentions for the new year. Following in this tradition, we will make use of this energy to tune into our desires and set deeply aligned goals from that place.

Session breakdown:

Guided meditation and space for contemplation
Journal prompts to lead you through reflections on the past year and wishes for the future
Exercises to identify your deepest musical desires, what’s holding you back, and what you need to move forward
The chance to connect with other participants through group coaching, sharing and brainstorming
Inspiration and wisdom from other successful musicians to help you set clear and achievable goals
A step-by-step process to help you identify your next actions and make your game plan for the year ahead
Two individual check-ins throughout 2021, scheduled between you and a golden lotus studio coach, to follow up with your goals and your progress and help you stay on track!
Access to the video recording of the workshop to return to for reference and motivation in the coming months.

Plan Your Most Creative Year

A 3-hour, one-day, LIVE workshop
$ 119
  • Siena Friend is a professional musician as well as health and wellness coach
  • Your goals will be the topic of engagement as this workshop is live and interactive
  • 2021 is your year. This workshop plans for it.


Meet Your Instructor:

hi, i’m siena friend

Siena Friend is a singer-songwriter, filmmaker, photographer, writer, and ayurvedic health coach, depending on the day. A self-taught guitarist and songwriter, music has been the main throughline of her life, following her from her home state of Colorado to Los Angeles, where she recorded and released her latest solo EP in 2019. From participating in the first Compose Yourself class at the beginning of golden lotus studio, Siena has been an active part of the gls community for the past two years. She hosts the gls Songwriters’ Open Mic Night, and is a guest teacher of the Friday Afternoon Songwriting Club. Siena works as a health and creativity coach, and brings this holistic perspective to her offerings. Her next album, recorded at her home during the past year in quarantine, will be out in early 2021!



golden lotus studio reserves the right to cancel this class if enrollment does not meet the minimum requirement.

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*If are experiencing financial hardship, but are craving the songmaking offerings described here, please reach out and let me know because a modest amount of scholarship funds are available for folks in such circumstances. Please send an email to himself [at] garygrundei.com describing your situation.