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Published August 29, 2021

David Bennett started taking piano lessons at age 11, and by age 13, he stopped lessons in favor of teaching himself. Now, he teaches literally millions of people on YouTube.


If you haven’t encountered his videos before in your internet explorations, I might point you toward a few of my personal favorites as being helpful to the composing musician. Start with his discussion of “borrowing” from classical music for pop songs, which has a number of very cool surprises:

Or hop into his exploration of “word-painting” or prosody in pop music:

We're a big fan of David Bennett

His dedication to sharing his passion for music and for his unwavering service to those of us creative music nerds who keep the torch burning, which is why we at golden lotus studio are so delighted to support David’s work.

We have sponsored one of his super-enjoyable videos here about artists who have re-recorded their own songs. His video starts with one of our all-time re-records from Joni Mitchell. Can you imagine anyone criticizing that dear 21-year-old Joni? Check it out:

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