Produce Yourself in Logic Pro X (part 1)

BONUS: Some worthwhile inexpensive plugins

This is a completely unsponsored, completely biased starter list, if you want to spend $. I’ll remind you that you ABSOLUTELY don’t have to spend $ to make incredible sounding tracks. Logic has it all. But if you want more…

You know I’d mention Spitfire Audio. Their Originals collection is pretty groovy and only $29 an instrument: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/originals/

If you’re being frugal, which I recommend, you can get on the email list for most of these plugin companies and get an email when they’re having a sale. One company that has super-sweet creative plugins that are used on all the records you hear these days is Soundtoys and their stuff goes on sale a couple of times a year for deep discounts.

Native Instruments also has semi-regular sales. I love their pianos and Abbey Road drums. And if you end up getting into more elaborate sampled instruments (e.g. strings, toy pianos, etc.), their Kontakt sampler is kinda the industry standard.

Valhalla is another industry standard reverb plugin, especially the “Room”. This company decidedly doesn’t put their things on sale, but they price them very affordably @ $50.

I really like Audiothing for some creative FX plugins. Again, watch the sales.

Waves makes really great stuff and they are always on sale. Usually, you can get any plugin from them for $30 at some point, plus the bundles offer more savings. I couldn’t live without their NS-1 noise suppressor.

And then, as a catch-all, go waste some time at Pluginboutique. There’s always something on sale and often bonus giveaways.

I could honestly do this all day (I may have a problem), but I’ll leave it at KVR, which is a forum that has a plugin section that lets you sort by free or type or really whatever. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.