Produce Yourself in Logic Pro X (part 1)

ASSIGNMENT: post an update on your piece + production hacking

Make a post on the forum that shares with us ONE thing you borrowed or learned from your production hacking assignment, and how it has found its way into your current project in progress. Keep it simple, no need for perfection. (unless you want to write a dissertation. you know we’re always interested!) Literal or abstract connections are welcome.

For example, “in my production hacking song, there was a reverse cymbal sound at 2:34 and here’s a short excerpt of the current piece I’m working on in which I was able to put in a reverse gong sound. [upload audio]

or…”in my production hacking song, there was a thinning of orchestration before the second verse, when the orchestration suddenly becomes very full. In my in-progress song, I’m working with that same concept at the end of my bridge, going into the final chorus. You can here where I am with that here: [upload audio]”

Have fun with this little in-progress show-and-tell!