just announced: the world’s
first spiritual DAW!

Published January 12, 2022

I can’t believe it. For so long, so many of us musicians, songwriters, producers, recording artists, mixers, and left-brained music makers have struggled with the computer-based technology known as a Digital Audio Workstation, or DAW.

How many times have I opened my Logic Pro X software, all inspired and alive with a new musical idea, only to have it crash repeatedly or exhibit strange new behavior that won’t even let me record the first line of my new idea?

How many times have I been working for 3 hours in Garageband, feeling in the artistic flow, only to discover the next day that somehow I recorded everything a little too hot on my preamp and all the takes are unusable?

How many times do I budget 2 hours to work on a song with the hope of finishing it, only to spend 75% of the time trying to figure out why the key command for something I do in Logic all the time is not the same in Pro Tools and it’s not called the same thing and I end up down a Google search/YouTube research rabbit hole where I still haven’t figured out how to even ask the right question?

Well, my friend, those days are over because it was just announced that there is finally a grounded, joy-filled, spiritually-based DAW available immediately! How long we have waited.

Let’s all breathe a sigh of relief together, knowing that gone are the days of having to choose between being able to have good musical ideas or being able to record them well.

 I know that I am breathing in.

I know that I am breathing out.

There, already you’ve taken the most important first step in greeting your new exciting DAW.

If there are tears of joy or of sadness, let them come.

If a fear of uncertainty or a feeling of inadequacy drops away right now, go ahead and let it.

Who would you be without the story that technology is a pain in your ass?

How would you feel if you could sense that opening your computer and sitting down to create was nothing short of a miracle–in fact, a series of literally thousands of singular miracles that have been happening among people and in places that you cannot imagine?

SO many musicians before you never had this access to technology, to possibility, to multitrack recording in your very hand. What an unbelievable series of miracles is unfolding for you today and your music.

And you can share your song with an audience all over the world in literally an instant. 

We are living in the future.

So by now you’ve probably guessed that I’m not selling you on a new DAW, but a new way of approaching your DAW.

This change in how you experience your technology could happen instantly. You could make the internal shift and suddenly be in gratitude and flow for the rest of your music-making days.

Or it could be an ongoing practice.

Ritual helps.

  • Light a candle and take a breath every time you launch your software.
  • Practice turning off notifications and changing the lighting as you allow the corners of your mouth to turn up.
  • Devote the first 5 minutes of every tech session to exploration and wonder.
  • Dance while the software loads.

Invent your own body-centered, grounded rituals, but do it.

Of course, the other thing that helps you enjoy your tech is having a good guide who knows how to navigate the depths of possibilities in the software and lead you to the essentials (so check out the offerings below to start right away)

You just might fall in love with your DAW and then you’ll never stop creating.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you,
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