The Friday Afternoon Song Club

What the heck is it?
Well, first of all it is a great entry point for the whole mindful,
supportive songwriting community here at golden lotus studio.

How does it work?
I'm so glad you asked.


The Friday Challenge

Every Friday a new 75-minute LIVE songwriting class is held in which you will be led by me, Gary, through a brand-new set of writing prompts and instructions that, if followed, will cause you to produce a first draft of an original song by the end of class.


It's recorded for your convenience

If you can't hop on the video call live, you can watch it any time over the weekend and write the song along with the recording! Do it before Tuesday at 5PM EST, though, because that's when the class recording will expire. How's that for motivation?‚Äč


Share, Celebrate, Connect

Post your song in the private forum at golden lotus studio and get supportive, positive feedback about your new creation. Listen to what other folks made and connect with like-minded songwriters on any number of topics.

And then repeat the whole thing with a new set
of prompts and instructions next Friday!

But here's the's not quite ready yet.
It will be ready very, very soon.
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