on turning toward

Published November 25, 2020

There are things that we can’t see that rule our lives.

And we can’t see it all, no one can.

And there are so many things in the external world right now that are very hard to see.

But I hope it’s not too presumptive (or obvious) of me to say that


But I hope it’s not too presumptive (or obvious) of me to say that these externals are mirrors and symptoms of our internals.

Maybe there’s something in your life right now that you’ve been deliberately looking away from because it feels like too much.

I know I have spent too much time looking away.

But now is a time unlike any other in our lifetimes. The time is extreme and it’s hard and there is so much pain. And it is vibrating with potential.

So I invite you in this opportunity to join me in the turning toward the hard thing. Turning toward the unseen thing. Witnessing, acknowledging the pain is the first step in any healing process.

And allow music to join you in the process. This is one of the reasons there is music.

Whether you sing a new mantra from your heart, or you sit down and let your pen make the lyrics that allow you to see into the shadows a little further, or you join the voices of protestors everywhere singing We Shall Overcome, or you allow a new song into your heart, let music move you in the turning toward.

In this context, music can make more room for the emotion to be fully expressed. It can lighten a burden and connect us to one another.

Music does these things best.

So, when it feels like too much to turn toward that which we’ve been avoiding in ourselves or our world, take a deep breath and let your voice vibrate along with your heart. See if it doesn’t make the turning toward a little more possible.



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Gary Grundei, founder | composer

Gary Grundei, founder | composer

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