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Published October 11, 2021

How do we grow as artists and as humans on the path?

One thinks immediately of Frida Kahlo in her bed after the bus accident turning to painting. Or Byron Katie sleeping on the floor and having an experience of profound awakening when a cockroach crawled across her foot. Or of the unparalleled work of Maya Angelou emerging from her devastating life experiences.

Which is just the gentlest reminder for you and I, %FIRSTNAME%, to fold our simple and not-so-simple everyday challenges into our own work.

But how do we expand when things are going pretty well for us? Or when we say to the universe that we wish to learn our life lessons and grow in the kindest, gentlest way possible?

Well, in those cases, we must challenge ourselves

I think of some of the most innovative painters of the 20th century and how their student work shows someone who is studying the tradition.

I love to get outside my comfort zone and to attempt to look at music from the perspective of another composer or songwriter or poet or, heck, painter. This is what study is about. This is how we level up our craft so that our innermost, unique artistic voice can be most fully realized.

We do this not only because it is enjoyable and places us firmly in a lineage and a tradition, but also so that we can stand in our integrity and proudly share the work that comes, knowing that we put in the time and effort and discomfort to study.

I’m proud to know you, 
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Gary Grundei, founder | composer

Gary Grundei, founder | composer

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