A Clarity…That Happened.

Published May 14, 2020

What does community mean to me now, here? And what sorts of interactions, especially around my creativity am I wanting right now?

What does it mean to us all at golden lotus studio?

So let’s say that I was a musician, and I was walking down the street on a chilly spring day in upper Manhattan, and I was feeling sad and confused about why I would make an album in these uncertain times when the promise of sharing music in concert venues seems so tenuous.

And let’s say that I had a virtual retreat day planned with my Album Mastermind class this past Saturday, and I knew that somehow I was going to show up in some Zoom calls with those folks and record some tracks in my apartment, and I had an idea about where I wanted to start that day.

And then let’s say that one very wise woman in the group said that her intention for the day was to “prioritize doing over thinking.”

And then everything became clear. 

And there was crazy motion. And she tracked a bunch and I tracked a bunch and wrote a brand new song and finished another. And I got to hear the tracks that each of these remarkable people was working on and I got to celebrate them and we gave each other feedback and we shared our challenges and emotions.,

Let’s just say that happened.

And let’s just say that a lot of creativity and healing and connection all happened at the same time.

And let’s just say that our rational brains in the moment are maybe not the best arbiters of what is good for us in terms of creativity. Or in terms of community. Or in terms of predicting the future. Or exactly what the unpredicted benefits of a strong sense of belonging will be.

And let’s just say that this sense of belonging, this powerful sweep of motion and emotion, this brand new audience for your work and Breakfast Club-like bonding is completely available to you right now.

Registration for the small cohort experience – the Compose Yourself songwriting workshop – closes on Friday, so grab your slot before it’s gone.

The fact is that we can’t control and wrangle our time, our emotions, our critical minds, and harness the true power of our energies all by ourselves alone. This is why I built the Compose Yourself workshops – to capitalize on the exponential potential of studying songwriting and creating new music in a small group class setting.

Hit the link for more info and I hope to see you there.

In gratitude,
For golden lotus studio



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We created these tips just for you! Why? Because we know that you have a song just waiting to emerge and we want to help you share it with the world! Free for a limited time.