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goldenLotus is a full service project recording studio.  Our reasonable rates include tracking, producing, mixing, mastering and even, in many cases, performing as well.  We’re small enough to take the appropriate care with your project, but experienced enough for you to know that you’re in good hands on every step of this journey.  Feel free to check out the Facility & Gear page for more details about the place.  And drop us a line before you go.



This is Gary.  He runs goldenLotus and he loves to teach.  If you’re looking for a nontraditional approach that’s entirely based on what you want to learn and how you are best suited to learning, you’ve come to the right place.  As an instructor at Naropa University for 10 years and a private piano, guitar, voice, theory and composition instructor for over 20 years, Gary is passionate about making sure that your musical soul is nurtured and pointed in the right direction.  We could spill a whole lot of pixels here talking about contemplative education, but we won’t.  We’ll simply say this:  your study of music, with all of its various lessons and gifts, may just change your whole life for the better.  Hit the CONTACT link to set up just one session to find out if this place and this way of learning music is for you.  You owe yourself that.


Original Music and Sound Design

goldenLotus is home to VeryShiny musicworks which specializes in custom music that doesn’t suck, and sound and music to accompany the moving image.  Gary Grundei, frontman for VeryShiny, really can handle quite a remarkable range of projects and if he can handle it, he can point you to someone who can.  We do everything from scoring to voice over (including contracting the talent for you) to sweetening.  We bring an artistic approach to even the most straightforward audio jobs.  Drop us a line.  You’ll see.